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Herne Bay, England, CT6
United Kingdom

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Tesco at Herne: villagers fight, councillor gives in


The Herne villagers fighting Tesco are being stitched up by Cllr Vickery-Jones. The villagers and the parish council are refusing Tesco's "cash contributions", but the councillor is happy to take the money on behalf of CCC, contrary to the wishes of his constituents.

The Council is perfectly well able to make life difficult for people using the planning process, but Cllr Vickery-Jones seems very willing to throw up his hands in surrender when it comes to Tesco. It wouldn't be the "cash contributions", would it?

Tesco opponents vow to keep up their fight

Herne villagers have vowed to continue fighting plans for a supermarket after bosses said public opinion was no barrier. Campaigners are battling supermarket giant Tesco, which wants to open an Express store on the site of the former Upper Red Lion pub.

The Herne Against Tesco committee vowed it would make a difference after retail bosses said the opposition was no obstacle to their plans. Committee spokeswoman Tina Rackham said:

"There is vehement and reasoned opposition to Tesco's proposal throughout the majority of the village. Communication, and indeed consultation, is a two-way exchange of views and information, not the presentation of a fait accompli, compounded by an apparent total disregard and inaccurate recollection of points discussed with third parties. It is our 'Express' wish that Tesco recognises the unsuitability of the site and moves on. We can and will make a difference."

The statement came as Herne and Broomfield city councillor Peter Vickery-Jones told the Times that, despite the parish council voting to reject any cash contributions from the supermarket as part of its planning application, the city council would be keen to use the money for a training and education project in Herne. He said:

"Councillor Jean Law has helped to set up some very successful training classes for people not in education, employment or training around the town that teach people how to make job applications. I know it won't make me very popular with the parish council but I want it in Herne and Broomfield as I think it would be very helpful. Short of civil disobedience, there's nothing we can do about Tesco coming."

HB Times 3rd Feb 2012

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